November 28, 2022
CFC secured the increase on the existing Bridge debt on a multi-family development site, originally the developer closed on the site with the up-zoning still in process but seller wanted to go with another developer. CFC secured the acquisition capital at $750,000 then once rezoning was approved another $350,000 for horizontal improvements.( repeat borrower)- Decatur, GA


November 16, 2022
CFC secured the construction completion debt on a multi-family development agency. Borrower was mid-way thru construction where their bank stop advancing draws due to market conditions  - Pennsylvania, PA


November 7, 2022
CFC secured a senior loan on a 2 -story medical office building , borrower will utilize the property for their dental practice. Equipment Financing & working capital was tied to the debt- Washington,DC


October 24, 2022
CFC secured the bridge debt on an Office Building acquisition. The property is located in a well established commercial area with robust foot traffic. Investor plans to build out the space as a state-of-the-art micro office space - Newark,NJ


October 14, 2022
CFC secured the note on note bridge debt, Borrower was able to acquire the note on the asset where their company HQ at a discount due to the ability to close under 2 weeks. Another test to CFC ability to instill certainty of execution. Loan was referred by a broker who was working with another lender - Hartford,CT


October 11, 2022
CFC secured the bridge debt on a 36,000sq st retail property. Property was 100% vacant at closing but investor had the asset pre-leased - Upstate, NY


September 20, 2022
CFC secured the bridge debt on a 41-unit mult-family asset. Proceeds will be used to acquire the property w/ CapEx reserve to turn units - Houston,Tx


September 13, 2022
$4,900,000 - CFC secured the agency backed refinance capital on an Office asset. The borrower came to CFC seeking a TOE closing in order to payoff a maturing bridge - Las Vegas, NV


September 8, 2022
CFC secured the bridge debt to acquire a mixed-use (7 unit w/ retail). The property was 50% occupied at closing. 24 mont term w/ ext options for renovation. Since covid local municipality has been backed up with inspections. Debt enables sufficient time for any delays with the buildings department - New York,NY